Introduction: EASY DIY Wooden Pendant (Jewerly)

This very Easy project will teach you how to create and design your easy DIY Pendant! This challenging project needs adults help, so if you are young call your parent for help and when your ready Let's Get Started! 😀


  • A Chunk of Wood ( Length 3.5 cm, Width 3.5 cm, Height .9 cm )
  • Sand Paper
  • String/Yarn (Black)
  • Paint (Any Color you want)
  • Varnish

Step 1: Draw an Outline!

First, Draw a triangle looks like this it will be a lot easier if you use a ruler when drawing a line. Once you are done you may proceed.

Step 2: Cut the Outline!

Before you cut your outline make sure you have your parent with you to help you and don't forget the protective measures. When you are done in this step you can continue.

Step 3: Make It Smooth!

Smooth It Up! make it smooth by using a sand paper until it looks like this. ⬆

Step 4: Make a Hole!

Drill a Hole! make a Hole on the top of the shaped wood.

Step 5: Be Artistic!

Unleash your artistic-ness! paint your own design on it,apply varnish when you're done and then you can now put the yarn inside the hole and make a knot!


If you have been hurt in the process, here

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