Introduction: EXPERIMENTAL Make Your Own Diamond Painting ! (With Spare Diamonds)

I bought myself a diamond painting at my local dollar store and finished it And was like what should I do with all the extra diamonds? Make my own Diamond painting!


- Extra Diamonds from another painting
- Drill tool
- Diamond Tray
- Wax (or sticky tac I saw a youtube vid she said it works well i tried myself its not bad i find new sticky tac is to sticky)
- Double Sided Tape *I am using my dads bee supplies but you can find regular stuff.
- Canvas *I am just using some cereal box cardboard.... because I am cheap... qWq i bought my dp at a dollar store.... oof

Step 1: Deciding on an Image

Deciding on an image probably the hardest part deciding if you have enough diamonds for it and so on.

Since most of my diamonds are pink I decided to do a rose. If your like me and not very creative and cant just make one out of a hat you can simply look up pixel ____

I found myself this rose

Step 2: Tape

Now this is tricky... my tape is kinda evil...

Gently place the tape down if yours is like mine and has a layer of paper between it its probably a good idea to keep it to cover your painting if you wanna take a break. *remember only one side of this will work the other side will stick to it i don't understand it but it is like this.

-if you have bubbles take a box cutter or other sharp knife and gently cut the bubble this lets the air out and flattens it
- size? Umm not sure its probably best to make your double sided tape area bigger? *sorry this whole thing is an experiment i am still gonna post if it does not work

Step 3: Time to Drill

Now this is the... not perfect
But i start in the middle holding the drill pen straight up in a verticle position careful not to rub your arm or hand on the tape.

- My tape does not leave room for errors so be very careful *yours may not be as weird as mine
- shaky hands? May be a better idea to draw a small graph lines on it before you tape it

Step 4: Finishing

Welp.... I was finished off with a pink blob yay..... but I had fun thats the important thing!

I think i liked mine better when it was just outer lines of the rose.... as i colored it the more blob like it got XD

- like i said earlier maybe make graph lines on it so you dont end up with diamonds all over while you try to do a straight line
-something you can try is drawing an image with a digital art app to create what you are trying first see if it turns out.... maybe... or design something like this?
- Blobs
- you doing this for a kid? You can probably just give them the blank taped piece and let them have fun with it

Did you try this? Please shaee your image i would love to see!

Step 5: Trying Again

Its always been engrained in my brain you dont like it try again! *but take a break so you don't get frustrated I went out and attempted to transplant something...

After your break come back to it and try again if you made a failure like me. You probably have a good amount of diamonds i do... so much E.....

Anyways with this one i just went with it. Its a wip right now the sky will be pink the grass light green there may be a m bird in the sky.... oWo

- Cover with parchment paper if you take a break (wait others may have a different tape adhesive... experiment i found wax paper did NOT work waxy side was down nope. Plastic wrap a big no no....)

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