Introduction: Easter Egg Basket Out of Newspaper.

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1)Newspaper cut in strips of 30-35cms x 10 cms
2) 2 circles of radius 4-5 cms cut out of black chart/card paper 3)PVA glue 4)scissors 5) broomstick /thin stick 6)acrylic paint of your choice

Step 1: Make Tubes of Newspaper

Start by rolling the newspapers into fine tubes. Start from one corner
and roll diagonally secure the tube at the end with glue.

Step 2: Repeat

Make at least 25 of these tubes.

Step 3: Create the Base

On one of the circles stick using glue 9 tubes equally spaced to look like the pokes of a wheel.

Step 4: Dry

Let it dry. (optional:use a clothes pin to secure the spokes during the process of drying.)

Step 5: Fix the 2nd Circle

Take the 2nd circle and stick it on top of the spokes such that both the
circles overlap perfectly.Keep a weight on it and set it aside to dry.

Step 6: Secure the First Tube

Take one of the other tubes and flatten it.
Take one end of the tube about 3cms and make a loop around one of the spokes ,such that it touches the circle. Secure it with glue.

Step 7: Weave

Now lets begin to weave!Hold all the spokes vertically.
Alternately weave in and out of the 9 spokes and form the 1st layer. If there is more tubing remaining then form the 2nd layer.

Step 8: Continue to Weave

Continue to weave till you get about 8 - 10 layers.
Secure the end with glue by looping it around a spoke.

Step 9: Make the Handle

Take the spoke which has the last tubing looped around it and the spoke bang opposite it to make the handle.
Trim the spokes to required length and insert the one end into the other.

Step 10: Trim the Spokes

Take the remaining spokes and end them over either outwards or inwards in such away that the loop around the last layer.
Calculate the amount of spoke needed to trim such that you can tuck the ends of the spokes into 2 layers. Once trimmed tuck the ends into the 2 layers.

Step 11: Decorate the Handle

You can leave the basket like this or can make the handle more fancy
by wrapping around another tubing around the handle and securing the ends with glue . Your basket should now look like this.

Step 12: Paint

Paint your basket with at least 2 coats of acrylic paint.

You can add a coat of transparent paint to give it a glossy finish.

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