Introduction: Easter Soaps

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I am in love with Easter and the main reason is because it is in the middle of Spring, meaning a great opportunity to organize small excursions with amazing weather! Additionally is just the perfect time for crafting, since many presents and Easter candles shall be created for my god-childern. But this year i have decided not to offer chocolates again, but handmade Easter soaps full of color! Do you want to create them together?

Step 1: Ingredients

Materials for handmade Easter soaps:

- Glycerin soap base

- Easter Soap Molds

- Food Coloring

- Ethanol in Mist bottle (optionally)

Step 2: Procedure

The procedure is really simple and easy. Firstly cut in pieces theglycerin soap base and put it in a bowl perfect for microwave and heatthem for 30secs. It should be liquid by now but if not heat it for afew seconds more. Split it in a few bowls, one for each color. Add inevery bowl 1-2 drops of food coloring and mix it.Spray the mold with ethanol (We do this in order to remove any smallbubbles that are created in the glycerin) and add the liquid mixture.Spray once more and let it dry. Remove them carefully from the soapmold and your soaps are ready!

Step 3: Tips

Tips:1. If you wish to make them aromatic then just add 3-4 drops ofyour favorite essential oil. Just have in mind not to over do it sincethe soaps are for children!2. In case it is not able to find soap molds, you can replace themwith ice cube molds or even with chocolate molds. Actually this timeof the year it is really easy to find molds in many adorable patterns!Happy “clean” crafting!!!! And Happy Easter!