Introduction: Easy Breakfast Meal Prep With Overnight Oats

I always hated waking up extra early to have a decent breakfast. I started prep making several days worth of breakfast at once. I discovered overnight oats a while back and have been eating them regularly since. Most of the ingredients can be changed or swapped out for whatever you want keeping the oats fun and interesting every day.


  • Mason Jar
  • Large Flake Oatmeal
  • Milk (Coconut or Almond Preferred)
  • Blueberries (optional)
  • Flax Seeds (optional)
  • Walnuts (optional
  • Maple Syrup (optional)

Step 1: Add the Oats

Measure out half to one cup of large flake oatmeal dry into a mason jar.

Step 2: Add Additional Ingredients

On top of the oatmeal you can add whatever you want. Fruit works really well to add flavour, I usually like to add a handful of blueberries. Additionally for a little extra substance, I usually add some walnuts and a scoop of chia or flax seeds.

Step 3: Fill With Milk

Once everything is in the jar you can pour in the milk. I usually use unsweetened coconut milk but you can use any milk you like, including dairy or almond. Stir the jar as you pour allowing the milk to get completely to the bottom. Fill the jar until the oats are completely covered.

Step 4: A Little Extra Flavour (optional)

This step may not be the healthiest part but I always like to add a splash of organic maple syrup. It gets poured on top and will slowly make its way through the whole jar adding a nice flavour.

Step 5: Refrigerate and Done

Once everything is added seal the jar and place it in the fridge. By morning the next day the oats will have soaked up the milk and breakfast is ready.

The overnight oats can be made up to five days ahead of time, making prep for the week easy to do in one night. This way you never have to get up early or miss breakfast again.

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