Introduction: Easy Cardboard Mini "kingsman" Shelf

Easy shelf to hang clothing accessories.

Step 1: Measurements

Make a template of the size and distribution of the shelf, taking into consideration all the accesories you wnat to hang.

(to recycle you can paste various paper sheets to make the template)

Step 2: Glue

  • Glue the template to 2 sheets of corrugated cardboard
  • you can also make it in a wood sheet to make it more resistant

Step 3: Cut

cut following your template.

Step 4: Cardboard Stripes

add several layers (5 aproximately depending of the size of your accesories) of cardboard stripes to the back par of shelf to make the shelf separate the wall

Step 5: Paint Your Shelf

paint yur shelf in what ever color you want :)

Step 6: Mount on the Wall

  • make holes on the corners of the shelf and tie up ribbon or thread living a loop(like shown in te image above)
  • hammer nails in the corresponding measurements of where the ribbon/thread reaches

Step 7: Hang All of Your Accesories