Introduction: Easy DIY Iron Wall Art!

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Take a good look at the picture...what do you see...A beautiful metal wall art...
scroll down to find out how to do this super  super easy wall art...  :-D

Step 1: Take a Good Look

Gotcha! Tell me the came to the next step thinking this is metal right?? ;-) well you are wrong!
This is simply a wooden frame and CARDBOARD!!
you don't believe on...
I have entered it in the cardboard contests...and I know  there are some excellent entries...and I probably don't stand a chance among such excellence....but still....if you like it ...I would like your vote for the would just make me feel happier and you would have a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart for making someone happier :-)

What you need to do this project is
toilet tissue roll
black spray paint
3/8" wooden slats
pencil to twist the strips with
Styrofoam to pin the form on and pin

I think this idea was originally done in 'suzy's sitcome' but ...but I have seen other variations ever...I felt they could have more instructions in I have added my own two cents worth of instructions here...hope you enjoy :-)

Step 2: Surf for Your Design

Surf the net for your design....I have uploaded some designs which I googled.
Pick the one you want and try to recreate it with cardboard.
I have picked a design from may choose that or what you prefer :-)
My choice is the last picture.

Step 3: Frame 1

Make your wooden frames by applying glue to 4 10" slats and then stapler to reenforce. Make quantity according to how much you want.
Using the slat as a measurement cut strips. I used cardboard from boxed too in addition to toilet tissue rolls.
Fold 1 toilet roll and cut 4 petals.
then cut 4" strips of cardboard and cut a slot in the center. Interlock the strips and then glue the petals. Then place the this in the center of the frame on top of Styrofoam. Measure equal strips and attach the center design to the frame with these strips.Now using the strips from the toilet roll...curve  the edges in in spirals and glue according to your chosen pictures...A simple tip to easily bend the board if it is hard is to just dip it once for a few seconds in water and then quickly take it away and roll it with your pencil.

Once you have completed your frame spray paint it with black metallic paint

Step 4: Frame 2

If you like to do the other are a few pictures to help you complete them.
I have added slits to the intersection points and added glue. I felt this would make the design more stronger.
Follow pictures to see completions

Step 5: Frame 3

With these basic guide lines you should be able to do almost any wrought iron design :-)
Why not try some and decorate your could fool everyone into believing it to be real !

Step 6: Your Faux Metal Wall Art

Enjoy your cheap metal art!

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