Introduction: Easy DIY for Kids- Double Colored Paper Rose in Less Than 5 Minutes

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This method of making a rose is very quick, simple and easy, making it ideal for kids projects.

They can be made in any sizes by simply varying the size of circles.

They make excellent embellishment for all kinds of crafts.


  • Any two color papers (I prefer stiffer paper, but you can do it with any kind of paper)
  • Any two circular guides for cutting out circles (You can use a compass or two lids with slightly different diameters
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Step 1: Cut 2 Circles

Cut out two circles of slightly different sizes, each on a different color of paper

(Contrasting colors add a modern look while you can still go with similar color tones for a subtle look. Or you can simply make the rose with just one circle of a single color)

Step 2: Cut Out Spirals

Cut out a spiral starting from the outer edge on each of the circles.

Step 3: Roll the Spirals

Place them on top of each other and slowly, but firmly roll them in, starting from the outer tip.

Step 4: Glue Them Down

Glue the spiral to the center and hold in place for a couple of minutes.

You can use normal glue or hot glue or a double side tacky tape.

Step 5: Your Rose Is Ready

Your double-colored rose is ready.

You can use them to add a focal point to your costume.

You can use them as accessories by adding stud bases or bobby pins.

You can check out how i use these to accessorize a Paper Ballet Costume here

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