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Hi! Welcome to this instructable. If you are here, you are probably any/all of the following

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  • searching for a DIY Halloween costume using paper
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And you have landed in the right place. I had made this Ballerina paper costume for my lovely daughter for a dress up competition. I had so much fun making it and I am so thrilled to share it with you.

In this instructable, we shall made

  • a stylish one shoulder ballerina costume
  • a matching bracelet
  • a pair of matching studs
  • a matching hair accessory and
  • a pair of tie-up ballet flats



1. Sheets of thick paper
2. A simple sleeveless dress and footwear for size reference
3. Pencil
4. Scissors
5. Paper punch
6. Glue
7. Double side tacky tape
8. Bobby pin
9. Stud base

Step 1: Designing the Top Portion of the Dress

Using a sleeveless sample dress as size reference, cut out the top portion for the paper dress using one color of paper.

Simply fold in one of the shoulders of the sample dress before cutting out the paper to create the template for a one-shoulder dress.

Leave about an inch or two length of paper on either sides and above the shoulder line and add a double side tape at these positions

This will help to overlap the edges and secure the dress in place.

Step 2: Designing the Bottom Portion of the Dress

Use a A3 size sheet to cut out the template given

Make as many as needed based on the waist size (for my 5 year old daughter who has a medium body frame, i needed a minimum 6 of them)

Arrange them such that there is sufficient overlap to avoid any wardrobe malfunction.

Glue the flaps onto the inside of a waist band cut out from paper.

This shall go around the waist and secures at the back at the waist band by using double side tacky tape

Step 3: Embellishing With Paper-punch Circles and Paper Strips

Curl long strips of paper using a pencil to create an interesting and flexible border, along the neckline

Use circles punched out using a paper punch to embellish the dress and give a sequin effect.

Its really up to your imagination to embellish in random or following a particular pattern. I chose to embellish the top portion to resemble dispersing slender lines and the bottom portion to resemble parallel slender curves

Also use long strips of paper to embellish the belt region as per your imagination

Step 4: Make a Few Double Colored Roses to Embellish and Accessorize

Make 1 large, 2 medium and 2 small Double-colored roses as shown. You can check out the step by step instructable for it here.

  • The large one shall be used at the shoulder. It shall add in interesting highlight to the dress design, besides hiding the overlapping seam.
  • Glue a bobby pin or any hair clip to the bottom of a medium size rose to make a simple and stylish rose hair accessory
  • Glue stud bases to the bottom of the smaller roses to make simple and stylish studs
  • Glue the other medium size rose to the one end of a strip of paper and wrap it around the wrist to make a stylish bracelet

Step 5: Making the Shoe

Make a pair of paper shoes as shown. I have made a detailed instructable on how to make a paper shoe here

Step 6: Making a Bow for the Shoe

Take a strip of paper.

Find the center.

Bend it gently like the pink ribbon logo

Do it from both ends to get a pretty and simple bow

Secure with glue at the center

Add a small circle at the center to highlight.

Glue it on to the paper shoe

Step 7: Making the Tie-up Part of the Ballet Flats

Add a long strip of paper to the side of the shoe

Wind and wrap it up around the ankle and attached to the other side.

Your lovely tie up ballet flat is ready

Step 8: Its Picture Time!

Put on the dress using double side tape to secure the overlapping areas as shown in step 1 and 2.

I used this one. It has very strong adhesive property.

Accessorize using the paper accessories and footwear that you just made.

Flaunt, take a pic and do share with me :)

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Thank you all for reading

If you try this out, do post your creations in the comments. Looking forward to seeing all your wonderful creations.

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