Introduction: Easy Floating Orange Peel Candle

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hi, chander here.

in this instructable, I hope to show you how to make an easy orange peel candal


Step 1: Materials

for this easy build/hack, all you need is

1. an orange

2.a knife

3.oil, I used olive (preferably spray on)

4.(optional) some sort of extract or oil

Step 2: Cut It.

now cut your orange in the middle but only cut through the peel

Step 3: Peel Half of It

now peel off the side that would normally hold the fruit on to the tree

Step 4: Peel the Other Half

now take out the inside of the orange piece by piece, making sure not to destroy the stringy inside. and (optional) let dry overnight for best results.

Step 5: Fill It

now get your oil (and optional extract) and pour it on your candle making sure to cover the "wick" in oil.just like a normal candle don't cover all the wick, I found that around halfway works best. now leave it to soak up the oil for a few minutes.

Step 6: Light It Up.

now bring the candle to your desired lighting space and light it.The cool thing about these is they float so you can use them in the water.they last around 30 minutes.

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