Introduction: Knit Fashionable Headphones With Ease

Want to make some knit headphones but think they're too difficult?
Don't know how to follow a knitting pattern?
Only know a basic knit stitch?
No problem!

All you need to know in order to make these headphones is knit and increase/decrease stitches. If you need help with these skills, Check out Carleyy's Instructable on how to knit

I created two sets of these headphones, so there are progress shots of one set and only finished photos of the other.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Supply List: 

yarn (as many colors as you'd like to incorporate)
knitting needles (the size should match your chosen yarn - thick yarn/big needles, thin yarn/small needles)
crochet needle (appropriate size for chosen yarn)
large needle (I used an upholstery needle, but any needle with an eye large enough for your yarn is fine)

Step 2: Plan Shapes

The first thing you need to do is figure out all the shapes you'll need. Look at your headphones' various surfaces and determine the shapes you'll need to cover each. For these headphones, I needed two long rectangles, four small rectangles, and two circles. 

For each of the rectangles, cast on stitches until you think you have an appropriate number to match the width needed. After you've done your second row, spread the stitches out on your needle and compare the width to the headphones. If it seems like it will fit, it most likely will. The beauty of knitting is that it's very forgiving and flexible. 

Continue to knit while comparing the length to the headphones. Cast off when you feel you've got the length needed. 

For circles, I found that starting with at least 4 stitches was best. Keep the headphones nearby and check your progress against the headphones often. Cast on with 4-6 stitches depending on the size of the circle needed, and add a stitch on each end every two to three rows. Once you hit the middle, decrease a stitch at each end every two to three rows until you're back down to the number of stitches you started with and cast off. 

If you're concerned about reproducing a piece you need more than one of, write down what you do as you do it. For instance, you could make note of the number of stitches you started with and on what rows you increased/decreased stitches. Then, just follow these notes on each additional piece. 

Note: You may have shapes other than rectangles or circles. The key is to increase/decrease as needed and compare your work to the headphones often.

Step 3: Stitch Together

Use cut up pipe cleaners to pin together the various pieces. 

Thread a large needle with yarn. I chose to use a contrasting color, but if you use the same color, it will blend in seamlessly. 

Use the needle to stitch together each of the pieces.

Leave tied off ends long-ish so you can tuck them under the knitting. 

Step 4: Ear Pieces

To get the rectangles to fit around the ear pieces, use the needle to create a drawstring around the inner edge. 

Pull tight and tie off. 

Step 5: Flower Petals

Obviously you will need a plan for your flower. Decide what colors and how many petals. 

I opted to do five petals inside and six outside of a contrasting color. You'll also need a central circle. 

The petals are created just like the circle only more dramatic increases and decreases. The beauty of this step is that flowers have all shapes and sizes. Your petals can be any shape, but this is basically what I did. 
     Cast on 4 stitches
     Increase one at each end every one to two rows.
     Once you've hit a good width, decrease one every row as close to the center of each row as possible. 

You've likely already done a circle, just do a really tiny one now. 

Step 6: Tidying Up Petals

To get rid of the loose end at the tip of your petals, you'll use the crochet needle

Pull the loose end through some stitches on the back of the petal. (You decide which side is the back.)

Cut off what's still sticking out. 

Step 7: Flower Assembly

Gather all of each type of petal and knot all their loose ends together. 

Use the crochet needle to:
pull the loose ends from the circle into the middle.
pull the small petals loose ends through the center of the large petals.
pull the loose ends of the circle through both sets of petals.

Knot the petals loose ends together and cut off excess.
Leave the ends of the circle loose to tie the flower to the headphones. 

At this point you can stitch the flower to the headphones or just tie it on so that it's removable. It will be much more sturdy if you stitch it on, but it could be used as an accessory in other ways if you don't stitch it down. 

Step 8: Cord

Tie a long piece of yarn to the knitting near the cord.
See the pictures or video for how to cover the cord while covering the loose end.

Step 9: Rock Out in Style

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