Introduction: Easy Laser Cut Wooden Car Toy

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I had just learned how to operate the Epilog Helix Laser Cutter and Engraver at the Tech Shop and thought a toy car would be a fun way to test my new skills in a limited amount of time.

Required Tools and Materials:

Thin wood plank - I used 1/4" x 5" x 10"  plywood scrap
Bamboo Skewer or wooden dowel
Wood Glue
Utility Knife
Sand Paper
Drill and Bits
Laser Cutter with drawing software.

Step 1: Create Drawing and Cut With Laser

First you need to draw your car body and 4 wheels in a drawing program like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator.
Be sure to draw in windows. Also make small holes for the wheel centers and axle mounts on the body.
I made one wheel with the hub hole and copied it three more times. I drew the top car and copied it as well so all parts would be the same.

Cut parts out with the laser.

Remove parts.

Sand rough edges smooth.

Step 2: Glue Body Halves

Use wood glue sparingly to join the two body halves together. Hold firmly in vise until dry.
Be careful not to mar the wood in the vise by going too tight.

Step 3: Create Axles

Drill out axle mounting holes in body and make them a little loose for skewer to spin freely.
Cut two axles being sure they spin freely through the body.

Step 4: Attach Wheels to Your Car

Put wheels on each axle and glue ends on outside so they will not stick to the car body.

Step 5: Glue Windows Back in Car

Glue one of the cut out window pieces into the center of each window opening along the bottom so they look recessed..
I used scrap skewer wedges to hold in everything in place while the windows dried.

Step 6: Enjoy Your New Toy

Let your glue dry. Lightly sand any blemishes and make the car smooth to the touch.

Play with your car or give it to someone who will.

Laser cutting is great for making intricate parts quickly and easily.

I made this Instructable at The Tech Shop in Menlo Park.

Take the class - its informative. Tell them Roballoba sent you!