Introduction: Easy ORANGE Candy Stripe Bracelet

I love making string bracelets, and one of the first ones I learned to make was the candy stripe bracelet. It is SUPER easy, and it looks really good when you are done, too! Please comment below to tell me if my pictures are explanatory enough, because I wasn't sure. Anyways, here we go!

Step 1: Supplies

  • 3 colors of embroidery floss (or yarn)
  • scissors
  • tape or a clipboard*

*You can use either, but I prefer to use the clipboard because it is more transportable

Step 2: The String

To get the right amount of each color string, cut a piece that is as long as one hand to the other when they are spread out. Once you have one piece cut, you can make the other 2 the same length.

Step 3: The First Knot

Fold all the strings in half and tie a knot so that there is a small loop at the top. Then take a piece of tape, if you are using tape, and put it one the loop and stick it down. Separate your strings in the order you want your colors to be in in the finished bracelet. For instance, I wanted my sequence to be dark orange, orange, light orange, light orange, orange, dark orange.

Step 4: The Bracelet Knots

To start making the bracelet, take the first two strings and, putting the first string on top, make a "4" shape. Then, keeping it in a "4" shape, take the string that is now sticking out, in my case, dark orange, and put it back under the orange string. Then take hold of the orange string in one hand and the dark orange string in the other, and pull up on the dark orange string until it gets to the top of the bracelet. Do this again on the same string, and then move on and do it to the other strings. The dark orange string will move with you, so you will always be making the not straight part of the "4" with the dark orange string. Then use the string in the front now, the orange string, to move along the row. Keep going like that for the whole bracelet.

Step 5: Troubleshooting

If the bracelet starts to twist, you can move the tape down or move the bracelet up on the clipboard. If you mess up a knot, then you can pick it out with a safety pin.

Step 6: Tying It at the End

Once you make the bracelet as long as you want, put three strings through the loop, and tie a knot with the 3 strings and the 3 strings. Then cut the strings as short as you want. I recommend tying it onto your wrist, because it might not be big enough to fit on your wrist. ENJOY!!!!!! :)

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