Introduction: Easy Ring Bracelet !

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helloooo ^^

I've been seeing ring bracelets all over the internet and wanted one for so long that finally I decided to make one myself! If you've been feeling the same way hopefully this instrucable's gonna be helpful. :)
Okay let's begiiin!!

Step 1: Materials

-a chain
-Necklace findings
-A ring

Step 2: Wrist Part

Measure your wrist and cut the chain with the pliers.
(it's better to make it a bit shorter than your wrist so that it can fit perfectly when you add the jumprings.)
Add the necklace finding one end and jumprings to the other.

Step 3: Side Parts

add one jumpring to the middle of the chain and close it.
Cut 3 chain pieces according to the measurments on the picture.(keep in mind that it may vary depending on the hand)
Gather all 3 chains and put them in a jumpring.Then attach that jumpring with the one in the middle.
Take 2 side chains and attach them to the jumprings on the both ends.
This step is easy but it can get tricky real quick.Make sure that the chain doesn't twist and and get tangled along the way when you are attaching the jumprings.

Step 4: Ring

I was using a ring that had a little gem on top.I put one jumpring around it and with another jumpring I attached the chain to the ring.
If you are using a normal ring just put one jumpring to the end of the chain and attach it the the ring.Tighten it so it doesn't move.

Step 5: Done!

I hope it was easy to follow I really like how it turned out and it was really simple.

I have a ring bracelet finally and I love it!
I hope you liked it too I'm planning on making more ring bracelets in the future.

Though I have to say it can be hard to wear it since you put the ring on first and that kinda decreases the movement of the chain.And it's going to sound weird but I found a new method-> I wear the bracelet part first then I bend my finger backwards and put the ring on. I know weird but give it a try if you are flexible :))