Easy XOXO Pop Up Heart Valentine's Day Card



Introduction: Easy XOXO Pop Up Heart Valentine's Day Card

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Easy XOXO Pop up Heart Valentine's Day Card

In this video I’ll show you how to make an easy XOXO Pop up Heart valentine day card and link you to some additional valentine's day card ideas. A valentine's day card is the perfect way to say I love you. Learn how to create diy greeting cards for valentine's day card with this super easy tutorial. Beautiful handmade valentine's day card idea is in demand so take advantage of this tutorial and learn to make greeting cards, and additional handmade cards.


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Step 1: Print & Cut

Print out card design and cut out the center.


See video for full details.

Step 2: Adjust Card Size

Cut Card to your desired size.

See video for full details.

Step 3: Make Pop-up Heart

Cut 5 heart shapes smaller than the square cut out. Fold them together and create your pop-up heart.

See video for full details.

Step 4: Complete Card

Take your pop-up heart and paste it in the space of the cut-out.

See video for full details.

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