Introduction: Easy to Fill Pet Bowls

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This idea makes it easy to fill pet bowls. This innovation is not only for people that have problems bending down to the floor due to age, back injury, but for all pet owners. The bowl tray is attached to a hollow tube via a L-bracket and a collar with adjustment wing screw. The tube slides up and down the dowel rod by grasping the top of the tubing and lifting upwards. The tubing has a collar at the base with an adjusting wing screw. The screw adjusts the tolerance between the dowel rod and tubing so the bowl tray will not slide down while filling the bowls with food and water. The screw is only adjusted a few times once the correct tolerance is achieved. PLEASE NOTE: This idea is for making filling of the pet bowls. easier. An additional free floating collar with wing screw can be added to the bottom of the dowel rod under the collar that attaches to the tray for height adjustment.

A. Attach a 2-1/2' x 3/4" wooden dowel rod to a 8" x 16" wood base.

B. Connect a 2" L bracket to the end of a hollow metal pole that will fit over the 3/4" dowel rod.

C. Connect the tray with removal bowls between the bowls after a notch is cut for the l bracket and the collar.

D. Drill a hole in the collar for the wing screw to thread through the collar to tighten the collar to the dowel rod.

E. Connect the L bracket and free floating collar to the back side the the bowl tray with commercial grade glue.

F. Slip the tray and hollow metal rod over the dowel rod and adjust the wing screw to slightly add tension on the rod and prevent the bowls form slipping down the dowel rod while filling the bowls.

G. Move the trays up and down the dowel rod and adjust the wing screw as needed.

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