Introduction: Electronic Cards Necklace

How to make a necklace with electronic cards.

Step 1: Materials List

To make this necklace you need:

-an electric drill

-a little drill

-a hammer

-a nail

-a cutting pliers

-2 flat pliers

-0,50meter of chain

-3 electronic CPU (from a phone, a computer...)

-a clasp

-4 junction ring (0.8cm diameter)

-4 junction ring (0.2cm diameter)

Step 2: Drill the Cards

You have to drill the three cards.

Use the hammer and the nail to mark the position of the holes and drill them.

The center card is wear through middle top and the sides cards are pierced corner.

Step 3: Join the Cards Together

Join the three cards together with the junction rings (0.8cm diameter).

Step 4:

Put the cards and the chain together with junction rings (0.8cm and 0,2cm diameter).

Step 5:

Cut the chain in the middle. Join the chain to the clasp with the junction rings (0.2cm diameter).

Step 6:

Now the necklace is finished. Hope you like it :)

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