Introduction: Elegant Name Holder/Thank You Favor

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Not just elegant but also edible!

Step 1: Materials

Sweet apples (because I like them better than tarts)

White chocolate melts/chips

Shortening/vegetable oil

Fondant/modelling chocolate



Candy sticks/ice cream sticks

Ribbon, silver, matching silverettes (wedding is often prettier with sparkly stuffs complementing the all whites ;-))

Molds for flower and leaves

Tall glass for melting chocolate

Twizzer that is especially used for food (to handle silverettes)


Parchment paper


Hot Glue

Name cards/thank you notes

Step 2: Make Decorations First!

By using mold, it's easy to create flowers and leaves. But if you don't have mold, you can free cut leaves or shape them with your hands! No need too difficult shape, even rolling a long flat fondant would create something almost like a rose like if you are creative enough!

Step 3: Preparing Apples

Wash clean apples and pat them to dry

Press lolly sticks/ice cream sticks into apples and place apples on parchment paper

Step 4: Covering Apples

Melt enough white chocolate in microwave with 30 seconds interval, stir

When needed, stir in shortening/vegetable oil (to make chocolate a little liquidy so it would be easier to handle/coating apples)

Dip apple one at a time and place back on parchment paper

Let stand either room temperature or fridge to harden

Step 5: Decorating Apples

Stick decorations with a dab of melted chocolate and decorate apple nicely

Cut tulle and ribbon, tie it on the stick

Place name card or thank you note, hot glued to the stick

Your elegant apples are ready :)

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