Introduction: Elegant Vases for Barbie's House

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Let me tell you someting about myself. I love making stuff for Barbie! This lady works so hard, she has more than a hundred careers, so I believe she deserves to live in a beautiful place, perfectly decorated, with more than just the pink plastic furniture. Do you what to know the best part? She can have that beautifully decorated house without you spending a single dollar, just recycling leftover materials from other projects.

In this instructable you'll learn how to make this perfect decorations for a Barbie house. You don't have to get the exact same beads, I'll teach you several techniques and give you ideas so that you can use your spare beads. This vases are sparkly but elegant.

It is a fun and easy project that even girls can make, just help them with the glue gun because we don't want anyone get burned.

Step 1: ​ Gather Your Materials

Glue gun

Faceted beads

Plastic plants



Silicone mat or parchment paper

Step 2: ​For Small Beads

If your beads have a hole in the centre you can stack them with this technique.

First use your tweezers to make with wire this clover shape, leave a big stem. Thread the beads through the stem. At the end, stick with hot glue a small piece of plastic plant.

Step 3: ​For Bigger Beads

If you have bigger beads that won't stand alone, maybe a nice pearl or a heart shaped rhinestone, this technique is what you need.

I glued two, because mine were too thin.

Now in your silicone mat or parchment paper make a circle of hot glue. Put your bead immediately in the position you want it to be standing. Wait until the glue is completely cold and looks like frosted to peel it off the mat.

Glue at the top more plastic plants.

Step 4: Make Some More

I used the techniques explained above to make a third vase, I stacked three beads and made them a hot glue base.

Do you like Barbie's side table? In made it with white cardstock and my star pattern you can download from this instructable. If you want to see more Barbie's DIYs (perfect to keep girls busy during summer vacation) visit my blog and follow my instructable's account.

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