Introduction: Embroider a Dandelion Greeting Card

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Spring is just around the corner, which gave me a reason to make a dandelion gift card for my girls. There were a lot of images online for dandelions, but I did not find anything that caught my attention, so I made my own design, and used wool batting, I had from raw sheep wool. It gave the image a wispy appearance just like a dandelion.

I wanted to make a card that receivers could re-use,by removing the ribbon and mailing the card to a loved one, or make something else for themselves.

I took pictures of real dandelions and photo-shopped the images to use for the inside greeting.

I wrote a dandelion poem for the enclosure.

Let's make a dandelion greeting card ~

Step 1: Dandelion Image

You are more than welcome to use my dandelion picture for personal use, but why not plan an afternoon out with your family or a friend and find that perfect dandelion to take a picture of? If you plan an outing, early spring is a good time of year to keep an eye out for them. They are an early bloomer and if you don't catch them at the right time, you probably won't find one that has a pretty shape.

It was late spring when we went, but we did find three. I sprayed them with several light coats of clear coat and let them dry between coats and took pictures of them.

I used the picture for address labels, a pocket enclosure, and the front of a sewing kit. I think it would make a nice pillow also.

Step 2: How to Make a Transparent Copy of a Picture

I will do my best to explain how I made a transparent copy of the dandelion and a background picture, but in my opinion, it is easier to watch a video on youtube than to read instructions. Here is a link to a video on how to create a transparent image using pixlr editor .

Video:transparent image

Written instructions:

  • Create new image. Title projectchoose preset size, click transparent.
  • Click File, open image,check the boxof the picture you want, click upload.
  • If the picture does not fit the window click image and image size.
  • 800x 600 is the size we chose so change the picture to this size and check constrain and hit OK.
  • Please note: if you will be making a portrait you will need to reverse the numbers to 600X800 to make the image taller.
  • Click the enlarge button to make the picture larger to view and edit.
  • Tools click the wand.
  • Hold down the shift key and click the back ground. It should make a blinking trail around the area of the picture. Click edit and invert selection.
  • Click edit again and then copy.
  • Click on the transparent background and click edit and paste.
  • The image should transfer to the checkered background.
  • Click erase to remove for any areas of the picture you wish to remove.
  • Click file: save and click options for saving the image and click OK.
  • Another box will pop up and then save the picture to your PC.

I like to use this program to add background and text It is a little easier program to use.

To add the transparent copy to a background.

  • Click on the link, click the browse button, check the box for the picture, click Open, and apply.
  • Click the adjustment button, click doodle to color, select color and size of brush, when you are finished click apply.
  • Click add photo,browse, check transparent picture,open.
  • Adjust the picture to fit the background, click apply.
  • Click adjustment and type. Choose the format and color, of the text, type the message.
  • Move the box where you want and click apply.
  • When you are finished click save,name the picture, click save, then another box will open from your PC and click options to save it again. Please note: If you do not re-name the picture you will loose the original image.

Step 3: Tools and Supplies

This is what you will need:

  • Card stock paper of your choice
  • Paint chip samples if you have them, or cut your own window by using a razor blade or exact-o knife
  • Cutting board if needed
  • Small scrap of Cotton batting
  • Embroidery thread ( I used white )
  • Large eyed embroidery needle and a large tapestry needle or wire to punch holes in the image to be embroidered
  • Crafting scissors and embroidery scissors if you have them
  • I used magic tape and two sided tape instead of glue; so the personal message can be re-moved and the cards re-used or re-mailed to family or friends to pay it forward~
  • Ribbon
  • Circle pattern to draw a circle.
  • A Padded surface to punch holes in the image to embroider
  • Pencil
  • Ruler or straight edge
  • Camera if taking your own dandelion pictures, otherwise you may use my pictures for non commercial use.
  • Magnet if you wish to add it to the card for the user to use the card or motif for that purpose.
  • A PC and printer or you could order a print from my image for personal and non commercial use.

Step 4: Draw Dandelion and Sew

I encourage you to take the instructables embroidery class. Even though I have been been doing embroidery for several years, I have learned a few things from Jessy's class. If you prefer, there are videos on how to embroider paper and how to make french knots.

  • Draw the circle using a small spice jar (on the back side of the card) and make one small circle in the center.
  • Draw the lines for the stitching, making a few small dots for the french knots around the perimeter and in-between for the flowers design.
  • At this point if you plan to use the wool or polyfil, cut a small piece and pull it gently, to stretch so it is kind of clear. This gives the dandelion a realistic appearance.
  • Embroidery thread has six strands of yarn. Cut the embroidery thread about 19 inches long and separate the embroidery thread so you have 2 lengths of 3 strands on each length.
  • Thread the needle but do not make a knot at the end of it.
  • Push the needle through the center hole of the dandelion from the back side of the card, by leaving a short tail at the end and tape the ends to the card.
  • The needle is on the front of the card so you push the needle through the hole that finishes the long line (as shown) to make the line.
  • The needle is on the back of the card so now push the needle through the hole on the outside perimeter.
  • Wrap the yarn around the needle three or four times to form the french knot, and pull the needle gently until the knot is somewhat tight and push the needle to form a hole close to the previous hole to form the french knot. Be careful to allow enough room between the holes that the needle does not tear the paper between the perimeter hole.
  • Repeat going around the dandelion, sewing the long lines and making french knots around the perimeter and in-between as shown in the pictures.

Step 5: Front of Card

They used to make greeting cards that had several layers. I am fairly sure if you reversed the card and re-folded it, all the areas that show, would be blank and this is a great way to re-use old greeting cards.

  • Print the images you will be using. I have ordered photo prints online when I did not have use of a printer and they are not very expensive compared to the price of having an office supply store print a colored copy.
  • I used a couple of pieces of card stock paper cut to size and a paint chip sample card, as a window for the dandelion flower. I prefer tape for cards because glue can weep through the image and tape gives the receiver an opportunity to reuse the card.
  • Punch holes for the ribbon.

Step 6: Inside the Card

Step 6: Inside the Card

  • Print text on card back & decorate as desired. Suggestion Text: "This card is actually two cards. One for you and one for someone special."
  • On the reverse side, attach dandelion picture and poem with double-sided tape.
  • Place front page over the inside of back page, mark ribbon holes, and punch.

Step 7: Add Ribbon

  • Layer the pages in the correct order.
  • Weave the ribbon ends through the holes from the back side and tie a pretty little bow on the front.
  • I use the left side to write a personal message and taped it,using Magic tape.

Step 8: Things I Made From the Dandelion Motiff

A few ideas:

Book markers, refrigerator magnets, gift tags, bag embellishments, and many more by embroidering paper cards.

Step 9: Sunshiines Final Thoughts

I am very pleased with the looks of this card. I hope you try your hand at paper embroidery and make a few for the special ones in your life. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a peek and do have a Safe and Happy Spring~

PS. After a year, my graceful dandelion is still very beautiful~ I am already on the look out at our secret place to pick an entire bouquet~


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