Introduction: Emergency Pocket S'more Kit

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This is a pocket size S'more kit useful for those small sweet cravings. I used some pieces I found around the house along with an erector set I bought from goodwill.

Step 1: Supplies

  • Gram Crackers
  • Hersey's mini chocolate bars
  • large marshmallows
Miscellaneous Parts

Erector Parts

Step 2: Assembly

See image for part numbers

1. Bolt end of part 3 to top of 221 with nut and bolt. Do not screw to tight because you will need to be able to extend part 3.

2. Add magnet to inside of part 221. (The side with the nut). This will allow save you space.

3. Add magnet to inside of part 48b.

4. Adjust Skewer length.

5. Use 5 gage floral wire for rotisserie handle

6. Use a rubber attachment to attach handle to skewer

Step 3: Storage

In this order:

  1. 2 Gram Crackers
  2. 2 chocolates
  3. 2 marshmallows
  4. Erector pieces diagonally
  5. Candle
  6. Rotisserie handle and connector
  7. Matches
  8. Skewers

Step 4: Set Up

  1. Open up piece 3 and 221.
  2. Snap pieces 3/221 and 48b together. Magnets should be place in the correct places and it should take a few seconds to assemble.
  3. Put marshmallow on skewer and light candle and start rotating.

notes: It was a bit windy when I was roasting the marshmallow so I moved the marshmallow and skewer closer to the flame.

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