Introduction: Galaxy Headdress

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What's more untouchable than a Galaxy? How about a Galaxy you can wear on your head!

This project was a fusion between two of my interest the Universe and Fashion.

Step 1: Materials

  • Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Multi tool
  • Wire(s)
  • Metallic Cord
  • LED lights
  • Light Globe
  • Gold rings
  • Sequin Stars
  • Cotton
  • Plastic Beads
  • Wire
  • Headband
  • Rings
  • Anything you can find in your arts and crafts drawer(s)

Step 2: Planatary Rings

Attach rings and wrap wire to hold in place.

Step 3: Planet and Its Magnetosphere

  1. Add glitter gel to inside of Planet. This created color dimension.
  2. Drill two holes at the base of the Light Globe (Planet). I left the power button facing the back so it is easily accessible.
  3. Wire Planet around Headband tightly. I chose to off center the planet.
  4. Hot glue rings to the front of the planet.
  5. Hot glue swirly tails to the base of the planet.
  6. Use tulle or any other fabric to cover clue, wire, and headband. (This also makes it easier to wear)

Step 4: Styrophom Planets

  1. Purchase Styrofoam balls from the Dollar Store.
  2. Spray paint them different colors.
  3. Go back and highlight the solid colors with an alternate color. I quickly waved the spray can over the solid color. (This is not shown).

Step 5: Stars

  1. Wire wrap LED lights (Smaller Stars) so LED wire is not dangling. Place Battery behind Planet.
  2. Wrap Stars around Planet's Rings.
  3. forcefully push planets into LED light. You may add a dab of hot glue

Step 6: Details

  1. Use floral wire to make a ring for smaller planet.
  2. Strategically add star sequins to ring and swirls.
  3. Make Galaxy Spiral with floral wire and o ring.
  4. Use Metallic cord to make galaxy spiral.
    1. Cut end of cord and remove inner string.
    2. Add wire to center of cord.
  5. Add Planet geyser as accent piece. (I accidentally drilled a whole in the wrong spot on the planet. This was a good spot to add the geyser.)

  6. Hot glue plastic beads on small galaxy coils and swirls.

  7. Use Cotton to make a smaller galaxy.
  8. Add any additional details you can come up with.

Step 7: Thank You!

This was a challenge. Creating this design was difficult for me but I am very please to have created it. I hope to make similar headdresses now that I have the experience.

Thank you for any ideas and/or suggestions.

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