Introduction: Game of Thrones Silver Earrings

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I introduce to you my Instructables on Game of Thrones Asymmetrical house Targaryen and Stark handmade silver earrings. I wanted these two houses to be a pair. I did this at my local Maker Space. This is my first time working with Silver Clay Please add any suggestions to the comments below.

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  • Pvc pipe used as a rolling pin
  • Cards (Use playing cards to create thickness of clay. A's=1 card thick, 2's=2 card thick, 3's=3 cards thick, etc. use packing tape to bind the cards. (above image of 4 of hearts and 4 of spades each have 4 cards stacked then taped. Placing stack on each side of the clay and rolling over will yield a thickness of 4 cards.
  • Paint Brush

Step 1: Stencil

  • Using a stencil for complicated designs is very helpful. The clay dries fast! Brush water onto clay to keep it from drying.
  • lay stencil on top of wet clay and cut excess with a sharp utensil. (knife, razor or clay tool)
  • for smaller pieces, in this case the dragon head, I rolled up a neck and a right and left for its head. When tacking on pieces you should angle at the side you are attaching. For example the neck that is attaching at the body, was pinched, then used a clay and heavy water mixture as glue to adhere the neck and body. I did this with the tail and head.
  • Cut around the stencil with a sharp knife.
  • Using the knife or clay tools you can add texture. I used a knife to create the dimension of the wolf ears and fur.

Step 2: Molding

  • The goal is to shape your clay as closely to your sketch or stencil before the clay completely dries. This is were brushing on water will keep the clay moist.
  • As previously mentioned, when attaching pieces together, pinch one end and use clay and water mixture as adhesive. If you can make the dragon as one piece, even better.
  • I scored the wolf and dragon to add texture. This was free hand.
  • I added a crystal to my wolf eye and the chest of my dragon. I simply pressed on the crystal until the crystal was flush with the clay.

Step 3: Dry Clay and Sanding

  • Drying clay can take a long time. I used a clay dehydrator (sorry not pictured).
  • Dry clay 30-45 minutes or until dry. It is very important for it to dry completely. I was told that any moisture within the mold can cause it to explode in the kiln.
  • After the Clay is dry it is very important not to drop and shatter the clay.
  • I used a jeweler's drill to create a hole for the earring.

Step 4: Kiln

  • Place clay pieces on Kiln paper
  • Place in Kiln. Use specific temperature and time for the type of clay you are using.

Step 5: Polishing

  • Use the wire brush to buff the silver. When you remove the silver from the kiln, it will appear white. After firing in kiln the silver is strait up and when you brush it down you can see the silver.
  • To get the silver shinny as appose to the matt look, you need to use a stone burnisher. Get all corners with the stone to give a full finish look.

Step 6: Earrings

  • Add Jump ring to hole you created with jeweler's drill. Opening the jump ring by twisting it. Do not pull it open.
  • Close jump ring by reversing the opening process.
  • Add the earring hoop the same way you opened the jump ring.

Step 7:

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