Introduction: Enderman Purse to Mini Backpack

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Transport in style with an Enderman purse and/or mini backpack! This will hold a cellphone, wallet, keys, and perhaps a passport... if you shall need one.

Step 1: Supplies

Felt fabric
Fabric for lining
Glue gun/glue sticks
2 pairs of snaps
1 pair of sew on snaps
Sewing machine
Rotery tool
Cutting mat

Step 2: Template

1 Head and body (see picture for measurements)
1 head and body with flap
2 eyes
2 pupils
2 long strips 2 1/2 inch wide. You want strips long enough for Enderman’s arms and legs.

Step 3: Sewing

Fold the strips in half and top stick each side. (Arms)

Place arms “purse straps” at an appropriate angle so it can attached near your neck.

Top stitch the purse together with arms.

Sew a pouch for the liner. (I cut a square of pink fabric and folded it I half. Then sewed the side and bottom). After placing the pouch inside the purse I trimmed off the extra length, however I left some slack to fold out to hide the seam.

Sew lining into purse.

Sew eyes and pupils on purse flap. I used white thread.

After the arms have been sewn on I placed the straps around my body and trimmed the excess. ***the excess is used for the legs, so cut appropriately***

Use the remaining straps for the legs.

Sew snaps under purse flap.

Step 4: Teleportation Orbs

Use hot glue to strategically place tulle and sequin. I used the end of a wooden stick to hold down the orbs.

Step 5: SNAPS to Make Purse or Mini Back Pack.

The snaps were place to connect the Enderman's arms.

Use the matching snaps that will connect to the arms on the legs.

*** The snap you choose for the legs need to align with the appropriate arm snap***

This is for the option to snap the arms and legs together to form a backpack.

Step 6: Accessorizing

I had fun trying to piece together a fun outfit with my new purse. Hope you like what I came up with.

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