Introduction: 'Encounter' Lamp

About: New Media Artist / INS: @w.e.i.d.i

The idea of the lamp is inspired by the recent pandemic situation. Each individual is located in their own chamber by keeping social distancing. I keep recalling the feeling of encounter other individuals, we are different but have many things in common.

I came up with this idea of a lamp that celebrates the encounter - that will always enlighten us in different ways.

By reading the tutorials covered by Jennifer, I found that I am interested in using algorithms to generate the shape - Jennifer introduces "Numerical Representations of Surfaces" and "Trigonometric Surface Functions". I also quite interested in how to do a creased pattern by using Rhino and Grasshopper. I found some tutorials online teaching about the creased pattern. Combining both, I created two objects, one with the shape generated by perlin noise, while the other one with the shape generated by bezier. I used graph mapper instead of pure python code to design the shape. I found it is much easier for me because I am not good at math :)..

Step 1: Merge Two Algorithmic Objects

I merge those two objects and get the above results. It looks weird in a good way.

I like the result, and I received the filament yesterday so I am running out of time to print it. But I think this object is completely printable. I will print this week and update my post..

Step 2: A Broken 3d Print

even I use support, it is different to separate the model with the support structure easily, so I broke some parts of the model ....