Introduction: W07 Artificial Mountain

About: New Media Artist / INS: @w.e.i.d.i

I have some experience in using photogrammetry data for my VR space. This time, I used the images I took in my hometown Suzhou of the rockery in Chinese gardens. I have been fascinated by those unique rockery 'artificial mountains' for a long time because of their aesthetic and functionality in Chinese gardens. Their organic shapes and the holes in the structure are unique.

Step 1: Taking Photos Volumetrically

I use Reality Capture ' a photogrammetry application ' to reconstruct the structures -

Step 2: Clean Up

I use meshlab and C4D to clean up the structure, first of all, I use meshlab to simplify the construction by trying different filters, and then I import it to C4D to manipulate and clean specific points and polygons

Step 3: Import It to Fusion360 Create Structure to Support

Step 4: Render and 3d Print -

my machine is still printing now ......