Introduction: W5 Optimized Shape Using Fusion360

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Note that - I was late for the last two weeks' assignment due to my Ph.D. qualifying exam, try to catch up this week ... Week 05 Our Professor Jennifer introduced Fusion 360, it was a bit overwhelming to me since I felt I did not get used to Rhino and Grasshopper yet. It was so fast I have to deal with a new environment. Glad that Jennifer permitted I could have more time to catch up on my homework, so I started to review the class screen recording video and some online tutorials on the Autodesk website. They were helpful!

So here comes my result... It was interesting to experiment with generative design - specifically using optimizing shape function!

My idea for this little sculpture is to design a musical notation inspired shape. I was trying to free the shape when I created curves. (Ok this assignment I am not considering functionality as a stool because the outcome looks very uncomfortable) I was more focused on how to incorporate optimizing shapes as a tool with design :)

Step 1: Create Curves and Then Extrude!

Step 2: Using Simulation - Optimizing Shapes -

follow the instruction by Jennifer, I set the material, the force, the constraint for the shape and then got the result

Step 3: Take Out the Unnecessary Part Based on the New Mesh

I was trying to use curves to draw the difference between the generated models and the original ones, took out the extra parts -

Step 4: Render! and 3d Print

when I print I add tree support - thanks to our fellow Philip to share the tree support trick - which helps me to successfully print this model