Fall Leaves Silver and Resin Cuff Bracelet

Introduction: Fall Leaves Silver and Resin Cuff Bracelet

About: I started making jewelry a few years ago although I have always been interested in sewing, embroidery, painting, enameling, anything that used color and different media. I have so enjoyed the creativity this …

This cuff bracelet is completely hand fabricated by punching out various sizes of sterling silver circles.  Silver bezel wire is then soldered to the circles to form the bezel cups. The cup with the second circle is simply another piece of bezel wire soldered in place before adding the wire to the perimeter of the circle.  I used two pieces of square approximately 5.5" long and soldered both ends together, leaving the middle section unsoldered.  The middle section is forced open (I used a wooden wedge so as to not mar the metal).  Once the opening is as wide as needed, the cuff was formed on an oval bracelet mandrel.  After deciding on placement for each of the circles, I filed the spot where each was to be soldered so that it would be completely flat and attached the bezel cups.  Now comes the time-consuming part.....Because the cups are now all on a different plane, you must mix your colors in very small batches and pour one cup at a time and allow it to cure before proceeding to the next.  Once your first bezel cup has completely set, you can prop the cup up (I used a bowl full of beans or rice) to keep the resin level.  I use complementary colors of powders, dyes and glitter or crystals but these could be made in any color scheme you like.  Please visit http://BrimstoneStudioAtl.etsy.com to see more pieces like this and similar styles.  Please let me know if you have any questions at all on how this is made (type of solder, resin, etc.) and I'd be happy to help.

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