Introduction: Fashion Accessories - Oyster Pouch, Pendant, Ear Hangings, Bead Jewellery

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I have never tried to make anything out of yarn and this is an opportunity for me, to give a try!

Here, i make :

1. Yarn pendant

2. (Inverted colour) Hook model ear hangings

3. Oyster model Pouch to keep the accessories


Yarn of varied colours

Yarn pendant and hanging:

  • Thin cardboard/thick paper sheet(in dull colour)
  • Ear hooks, to add pendant(s)
  • Gold colour beads

Oyster pouch:

  • Balloon, blown to medium size
  • Thick paper sheet, nearest colour to yarn thread colour

Common supplies:

  • Scissor
  • White glue
  • Fabric glue
  • Pencil, Measuring scale, Compass(geometry) - to draw structure on cardboard sheet
  • Needle
  • Cutting tool(to create pendant structure from cardboard paper)
  • Safety pin, to roll over the yarn to the outline structure for ear hangings and pendant

Step 1: Pendant and Ear Hanging

1. In order to create the accessories(pendant and ear hangings), first we need to draw its structure to cardboard sheet using pencil.

2. Slice out the outline structure, required for the accessory using any cutting tool. Here i used stainless steel blade.

3. Roll over the yarn, to the structure created on the cardboard.

4. Pendant, i used the Orange yarn for inner layer and Magenta pink for Outer layer.

5. Ear hanging, i used the reverse with Orange yarn for outer layer and magenta pink for inner layer.

6. Add a gold coloured metal ring(to add ear hook/other attachments to the accessories) to pendant and ear hanging.

Step 2: Bead Jewellery

Apart from the ear hanging and pendant, i wanted to make a golden beads necklace out of yarn as well.

It is very simple process:

1. Add a hook(as shown in picture) at one side of the yarn.

2. Apply little glue at the other side of yarn, to let the thread get inserted to the eye of the needle.

3. Do a 2-3 knot at the sides, just to leave gap.

Repeat the process:

i. Insert a golden bead.

ii. Do a knot.

Once the required length is completed, tie a gold coloured metal ring at the other end. So that hook and ring gets locked together.

Step 3: Finishing the Jewellery

  • Cut out the rest of thread, and apply fabric glue on it, wherever necessary.
  • Add any additional gold coloured metal ring(if any required for the purpose). Add the ear hook(as shown in picture) to make the ear hanging ready!

Step 4: Oyster Pouch

To make the oyster model pouch:

Prepare balloon:

  • Blow a balloon to medium size(more of round circle shape).
  • Roll over the yarn all through the balloon and apply glue all over the yarn.
  • Once it is fully dried, release the air from the balloon and you would see the structure of the glued yarn, turned more or less like a sea oyster structure.

Step 5: Oyster Pouch(continued)..

Prepare inner plate: (refer the attached pictures, for this step)

  • To make the inner plate with cardboard/thick sheet.
  • I drew the circle based geometry on the sheet, cut it out and inserted to the pouch.
  • Blown out, balloon is measured 17cms approximately in breadth.
  • So with 6cms in compass, i drew two circles on thick paper sheet.
  • I extended the circle on the side with 2.5cms and joined it to the outer layer of the circle.
  • Now, every half of the circle looks more like a hemisphere with extended sides.
  • I cut out the drawn structure. Bent the hemisphere, at the centre. Then inserted to the oyster pouch both at the top and bottom.

  • To mask the white layer of the plates, i took out the plates. Pasted a gift wrapper available with me, all over the plate(s). Cut the structure, appropriately. Inserted it, back to the oyster pouch.

Step 6: Oyster Pouch Is Ready to Keep the Accessories!

I have a Saree (Indian wear) for which i do not have appropriate match of accessories till these days and was searching in shops earlier. (I have a gold coloured fashion string, with which i attached the pendant, to wear as an alternate!

Now, through this yarn challenge i made a perfect matching accessory for the saree and got some ideas to do some more for my other outfits, on my own..:D

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