Introduction: Felt Fridge Magnet Letters

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Have fun at the fridge with these magnetic felt letters. They also make great gifts that parents will appreciate as much as the kids, for not being noisy toys, with bonus points for educational and handmade. Make the whole alphabet or just a child's name.

To make these you will need:

I got all of this from my local hobby sewing shop. But I've provided links to similar materials because I know not everyone has a local hobby sewing shop.

Step 1: Print and Cut Out Pattern

Print the pattern provided in this instructable. If you don't have a printer try this.

Cut out the letters you want in felt, cotton and magnet forms.

Hold the Pattern onto its designated material, using either pins or your fingers.

Cut around the patterns.

If you cant access the pattern any letter pattern will do, just make the felt to pattern size, the cotton 4mm larger around all edges and the magnetic fit inside the felt.

Step 2: Sew Light Thread to Hold in Place

Fold the edges of the cotton letter inside itself so that the cotton letter is the same size as the felt letter.

Hold the letters together so that the edges of the cotton are on the inside.

The edges will want to fall out and fray, so we will do a loose stitch with thread to hold them in place.

You may need to do this one side of the letter at a time. Keep the stitch long and loose as we will be removing this later.

Make sure that the magnetic letter is on the inside before you finish this loose stitch. It is easiest to put the magnet in place after finishing two of the edges.

How to stitch:

First thread the needle, then tie a knot in the far end of the thread, push the needle through the cotton, then the felt being careful to keep them both aligned. Further along the same edge push the needle through from felt to cotton being careful to keep them both aligned and the edge of the cotton tucked in to make a neat and even edge.

Step 3: Stitching

Use the embroidery thread to do a weave stitch around the letters.

How to stitch:

Thread a needle with the embroidery thread. Tie a knot in the far end, cut off any excess after the knot.

Push the needle through the felt, but not the cotton (as pictured) so that the knot ends up between the cotton and felt. Then weave through both felt and cotton from felt side through cotton side then cotton side through felt side following the edge of the letter. Make each stitch small and firm. When you get all the way around the letter to where you started push the needle through only one side of the material, (either felt or cotton) then tie a knot as close as you can to this stitch, cut off the excess thread and push this knot into the middle of the letter.

Then remove the thin thread we used to hold the material in place.
Do this by sliding the needle between the thread and material, then pulling away from material, starting with the last stitch and doing each one back to the first one you made. If it gets stuck just cut it so that it can not be seen.

Step 4: Test Your Letters

Put your letters on the fridge. The cotton side should stick to it.

Unfortunately this is the time you might notice a problem with your letter, so check now before you finish an alphabet.

If it doesn't stick your cotton is too thick. (Most likely) Or you have your magnet in backwards so the magnetic side is facing out instead of towards the fridge.

If it is not sticking, make it lighter and thiner. Do NOT use scary magnets! this is a children's toy that magnets can be pulled out of, and scary (super strong) magnets can kill if swallowed.

If all is well, Enjoy your felt magnetic letters!

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