Introduction: Festive Lighbulb Earrings

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I get so many people comment on these funny earrings I made,

thought I'd share 'em with you.

It all happened when I had a couple of burnt out bulbs and the colours

were still pretty, so they just had to be repurposed!

Don't wear 'em if you don't like talking to strangers.

I got 3 - 5 comments per store when I was shopping.

I usually say: "Thank you, they're recycled!" :)

Step 1: Gather Materials:

- 4 Cotton balls (or cotton from pill bottles, whatever works)

- 2 earrings to be repurposed

- Pliers (Nippers too if you're making step #2)

- 2 Jump rings (see next step to make some easy ones)

- Hot glue

(use hi temperature glue sticks -they're the fatter don't want to drop & shatter a bulb )

- 2 Christmas light bulbs

Step 2: Make Jump Rings (2)

If you make jewelry, you may already have these,

if not, here's how you can make some quickie ones:

- Get an old spiral notebook

- Use a pair of wire cutters/nippers to just go down the spine and cut each ring

(makes lots for future projects!)

You only need 2 here

Step 3: Glue!

- Open the jump ring to accommodate the lightbulb nub and put a blob of hot glue to hold in place

- Put glue on the brass edge and stick on the cotton balls

Step 4: Add Earring Fixin's

(In the first pictured earrings I kept the little heart, in this pair, I removed it)

- Using the pliers, open the little earring wire to hook it onto the jump ring

- Then close the loop with your pliers. This is an important step to get right because

your bulb could fall off and shatter. OH! and make sure the earring back is a

good secure one, also for the same reason.

Step 5: TA-DAH!

Well Done! :)