Introduction: Festive Sock Mittens

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Don't want to spend money on new mittens? Repurpose those socks with holes by turning them into mittens! It could be for your child, or for yourself!


To get started on your mittens you will need:
- a pair of knee high socks

- a permanent marker

- scissors

- embroidery floss

- felt (whatever colors you would like)

- a large needle

- sewing machine

- pins

Step 1: Preparing

Find a pair of knee high socks, and lay them out. I just used socks that weren't getting worn anymore.

Step 2: Measuring

Stick your hand into the sock, and measure where you should cut, but DO NOT draw your line yet.

Step 3: Drawing Your Line

Once you have measured the length of the hand, draw your line about a half inch above where the hand ends. If you do not, you wouldn't have enough room to sew, then you will have mittens that are too small. That wouldn't be good!🙂

Step 4: Cutting

Once you have found your mark, begin cutting both socks to the right length.

Step 5: Rounding Your Mittens

Now that you have cut the sock, round the tip of the sock around the hand, and draw it with a sharpie.

Step 6: Cutting the Edges

Now carefully cut your mitten so it fits the round shape that you had drawn. Be careful to not cut inside the lines.

Step 7: Finding Where Your Thumb Hole Goes

Next, put your hand on top of the sock and find where your thumb should go.

Step 8: Dotting Your Thumb Hole

Now put two dots, (the dots are faint in the picture) one each, on the sides of the thumb so that you will know where it should go.

Step 9: Using the Foot of the Sock

Now, take the foot of the sock, and measure about half an inch around your thumb so that you will have room to sew.

Step 10: Cutting the Thumbs Out

Since you have measured the thumbs, carefully cut them out.

Step 11: Placing Your Thumbs

Take the thumbs that you have cut out, and place them on the mitten. Set them on so that the bottom of the mitten lines up with the lower dot on the glove.

Step 12: Comparing

Once you have finished drawing both thumb lines, it should look like this!

Step 13: Fitting the Thumbs

Then cut both triangles out so that the thumbs fit into the empty spaces.

Step 14: First Step of Sewing

Turn the mitten inside out (make sure to do the same to the thumb) and line it up so that it is ready for pinning.

Step 15: Lining It Up

When you line it up, it should look like this.

Step 16: Pinning and Sewing

Once you have it pinned, slowly sew it together. When you sew it, make sure you don't sew to far in, or else your mitten will be to small. I sewed mine about 1/3rd of an inch in.

Step 17: Sewing the Second Side

When your first side is done being sewn, pin the second side and sew it again.

Step 18: Sewing the Body of Your Mitten

Since both sides of your thumb are sewed on, now pin the top of your mitten, and sew that about 1/3rd of an inch in.

Step 19: Finishing the Tip of Your Thumb

Now that your full mitten is sewn, except for part of the thumb, begin pinning the tip and sew it on once you are done.

Step 20: The Finished Thumb

When you have finished pinning and sewing your thumb, it should look like this when its inside out.

Step 21: Flower Design

Begin drawing a flower design, it can be similar to this, and pick what color you want it to be.When you finish drawing it onto the fabric, cut it out.

Step 22: Flower Leaves

Now draw the shape of four leaves, and cut them out also.

Step 23: The Middle of Your Flower

Now, choose the colors, and the shape of the middle of your flower.

Step 24: The Lines of Your Petals

Now draw out some small lines for your petals.

Step 25: Example of Flower

This is what your flower should look similar to once you've finished cutting them out.

Step 26: Sewing Your Design

First, hand sew the base of your flower on carefully, so that you do not catch the other side of the mitten.

Step 27: Knotting

Once you have sewn all the way around the flower, turn it inside out, and knot it a couple times. Now it should look like the second picture above.

Step 28: Sewing Your Leaves

Now start sewing on your leaves the same way as you did in step 26.

Step 29: Knotting

Next, knot your leaf, and repeat the past step until all your leaves are done. Now it should look like the second picture above.

Step 30: Pinning and Sewing Your Petal Lines

Next, pin your petal lines on, and start hand sewing.

Step 31: Knotting Your Petal Lines

Once you have finished your petal, knot it a couple times. Repeat steps 30-31 until your petals are finished.

Step 32: The Last Step

Now for the last step in finishing your mitten. Pin the middle of your flower onto the mitten, and sew it on. Once you have finished sewing, knot it a couple times.

Then repeat step 14-32 on your second mitten.

Step 33: FINISHED!!

Now that you have finished sewing the mittens, and the details, you have a completed set of mittens! Now you have something to keep your hands warm when you're outside in the cold!!


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