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Introduction: Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are trending with old and young. I made few without bearing as it is easy to make at home. Then my neighbour's kids requested me to make a fidget spinner for him with bearings.

This instructable I will share how to make simple fidget spinner at home using hand tools

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Step 1: What Do We Need ?


• 4 mm MDF board
• Bearing
• 3 nuts
• Super glue
• Black Acrylic paint


• Drilling machine or dremel
• Handsaw

Step 2: Design

• Measure the outer diameter
• Draw a circle with the diameter and another that is 8 to 10 mm larger
• Draw line separated by 120 from the center of the circle
• Leave 10mm space for nuts on all side

Step 3: Cutting

• Using drilling machine, drill holes as shown to fit bearing and nuts
• Now trim or sand the edges to match our intended shape

Step 4: Finishing

Paint the fidget with black acrylic paint.
One could make in bat shape too

Tips :

• Clean bearing with alcohol and replace grease with liquid machine lubricant
• Dust may cause hindrance, clean bearings as needed
• Wash hands after playing

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