Fisheye Mirror Earrings From Marlboro Boxes

Introduction: Fisheye Mirror Earrings From Marlboro Boxes

I live in France, in former times, before measures to introduce a neutral cigarette pack were taken, you could find on some Marlboro cigarette boxes, a nice fisheye mirror. I dont know how they were doing this, but in a small diameter, on a flat paper, you could see a big world reflecting.

I don't smoke myself, but my son in law Jeremie, brought me some and I decided to make earrings for the women of the house.

Step 1: Materials

The materials are quite simple:

- mirrors cut from the cigarette boxes

- hooks for earrings

- a laminator

Step 2: Laminate

I put the cut mirrors between the 2 plastic sheets and laminated everything together in the laminator. It is not so easy to avoid them to move in the process. You need maybe some extras to be sure to have some in the right shape, but the materials are quite inexpensive...

Then you get a plastic sheet with the mirrors sealed in.

Step 3: Cut to the Shape and Attach the Earrings Hooks.

The last step is quite simple, just cut to the desired shape. I kept plastic around the mirrors to be sure they are sealed. Since the plastic is very transparent, you hardly see it aroud the mirror. Finally attach the plastic to the hook through an hole, the mirrors.

I am a bit shameful to publish this instructable which requires so little skills, but I think the idea and the result are worth sharing.

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    1 year ago

    So easy and effective! I wish I had those fish-eye mirrors around here!