Introduction: Floor Mat From Scrap

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Floor mat is very important for every home. We have to use mats in every single room in our home. We have to spend a lot for buying those mats from the store. Its also too expensive.

If we have an alternative to those store bought mats it will be a great one.

Now we can make attractive floor mats at any size and color according to our taste and preferences with the waste fabric left in our home.

We can make those mats with free of cost and make our leisure time for a productive purpose.

Lets make the floor mat which has a fun filled process and also an simple one.


Waste Fabric - Trimmed as a strips with the breadth of 5 cm and any length


Needle and thread

Hot glue gun

Step 2: Braiding

Image 1: Take 3 strips of fabric and join it together as shown in the image.

Make a simple 3 strand braid using the joined strips.


  • As there are 3 strips keep them in sections.
  • Flip the left section over the middle section.
  • Now, flip the right section over the middle section (that was previously the left section).
  • Keep repeating by alternately flipping the left and right sections of hair over the middle section until you have braided till the end.

Image 2: After braiding secure the end by stitching it as we made at the starting.

Image 3: Make strips according to the size of the mat you need.

Step 3: Making the Mat

Image 1: Add the glue at the tip of the braided strip.

Image 2: Roll it and add the glue.

Image 3: Roll it continuously by adding the glue.

Image 4: Once the strip got to its end add the another strip and start rolling.

Image 5: Repeat the step for all the strips.

You can stitch the strips after rolling it instead of using the glue gun.

Your adorable floor mat is ready to use. Make it with your favorite colors. You can also make it in different shapes as like. Try this and make your floor a beautiful one with the mat.

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