Introduction: How to Make a Floral Craft Foam Card

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Need a quick card for any occasion? All you need is craft foam, hot glue gun, and scissors!

Please excuse my writing in this example, I was rushing when I made this.

Step 1: Cut Your Foam

Decide which flower shape you want to create. Of course, this should work with any object/shape in general, but flowers are fairly simple and colorful :)

Here I chose to make a sharper-ended flower shape and for all the shapes, you shouldn't need to trace outlines before cutting- the shapes don't need to be perfect.

Cut out 5 flower petals of a smaller size and another 5 petals of a larger size.

Cut out 2-4 leaves- 2 if you make large leaves, 3-4 if you make smaller leaves. For the "jagged" edges of the leaves, just use the tip of the scissors and make tiny shallow cuts, as if you're cutting two sides of a triangle.

Step 2: Add Details and Glue

For the thin lines down the middle of the petals and leaves, open up your scissors to the widest it can go and pull the edge down the craft foam. This will indent/cut a permanent line in the foam.

When you are ready with any details, the first step is to glue the smaller petals together. One by one, you do not need a lot of glue. After the 5 small petals are glued together, glue the larger petals onto the back of the small set. It looks better to spread the petals out so they stick out between each petal.

Before you glue the leaves on, set them up and take a look from the front view to see if you like their positioning.

Optional, but I glued a square piece of foam on the back as a clean and simple place for a little note.