Introduction: Easy Flower Corsages (Using Magnets)

Corsages are a nice way to add a little wow to a party or a wedding. For my wedding I made 16 corsages for €10. We already had the magnets that were used, stored in the attic for 'some project'. :)
I am not a florist, just someone who likes to try and make stuff. These corsages are very simple, but that is also what I like about them.

You'll need:
Flowers. I used gerbera's/germini's.
Green leafs
Floral tape
(Corsage) magnets
Iron wire (to strengthen the germini's)

Step 1: Prepare the Flower

Cut the stem of the flower up to the desired length of your corsage. Mine were approximately 5cm long. To prepare the gerbera flower, push the wire from the bottom of the flower to the heart.
Wrap half of the wire around the flower stem. This way the gerbera will hold it's head up high during the day :)

Step 2: Attach the Leaf

Wrap the wire around the stem of the leaf, from the top to the bottom. It does not have to be fastened very strongly, this is just to keep the leaf in place during the next step.

Step 3: Apply Floral Tape

Floral tape only sticks when it is stretched. To attach the tape one hand will have to stretch it while the other holds the flower. The tape makes shure that there won't be any stains on the clothing and that the corsage looks nice and finished.
To let the leaf 'hug' the flower, apply the tape a bit higher and pull the leaf to the flowerstem.

Step 4: Add the Magnets

To make the corsage stick, add one magnet to the corsage using floral tape. The wire will hold it in place for a bit, to make life easier for you :)
Make shure not to use a lot of layers of floral tape, because that can impact the magnets power to hold up the corsage.
Add the other magnet carefully, so the magnets won't break.

Step 5: Done! :D

That's it!
You can store the corsages in a cool place to keep them fresh longer. I also kept them in a bowl with water until my guests put them on.

The corsages will last one day or less when wearing them. At the end of my very hot weddingday my corsages were not pretty anymore. (The grooms corsage, a gift from his sisters, bought by a florist, looked the same).
I guess corsages are a special something for just a day :)

According to ettiquette, lady's wear their corsage flower down and gentleman wear theirs with the flower facing up.

Good luck making the corsages at your own wedding or party. I hope you'll have a lot of fun while you make stuff and save money :)

Step 6: PS

It also makes an awesome fridge magnet! :D

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