Introduction: Wooden Ring Box With Pillow, That Doubles As a Pincushion :)

Ring cushions are well known and used in weddings, ring boxes are a bit more new. This instructable combines both and also provides a nice way to keep your sewing pins afterwards for the next fun project.

What you will need:
Ribbon (if you want to make a ring box)
Sewing stuff: thread, needle, (sewing machine if you want), scissors, fluff to fill up the pillow
Iron with steamer function or a steamer
Sanding paper
Wood oil or some wood treatment

Step 1: Make the Box

After searching for a nice box I chose a wooden heart box to do this project with. When choosing a wooden box, pay attention to the colour and wood grains.

The box was ok, but with a little love it could be great. All it needed was a bit of sanding and wood treatment

Sand your box, if needed, with very very fine sandpaper. Treat it with wood oil or wood treatment afterwards. I used IKEA wood treatment which worked great.
The colours of the box will be amplified after treatment.

Not included in the pictures, I learned this the hard way:
Apply water on the box before you sand it. Sand the box when the wood fibers have absorbed the water and stick out. Otherwhise the fibers will stand out after you apply treatment and your sanding will be for nothing ;)
When the fibers do not stand out anymore after applying water, you can stop sanding and apply wood treatment.

Step 2: Make the Pillow

To make a ring pillow, that doubles as a pin cushion, choose a nice fabric.
I repurposed an old peace of clothing for this project.
Trace the box you want to use, I chose a chalk pencil, and cut out your shape twice. Sew the two peaces onto each other. Do not (!) leave room to put the fluff in, to make the sides look the same (and pretty).

Iron or steam your project before you go on! This step is very important, afterwards it isn't possible and your project will not look nice.

Cut a line in the bottom of your pillow and use that cut to fill your pillow with fluff. No one will see the bottom of your pillow. :)
Sew the cut closed after fluffing.

Now you have your pincushion.

If you want to make a ring pillow, read on:
Cut two peaces of ribbon and sew them to the pillow. Pull the string to the bottom of the pillow, to make little 'holes' for the rings.

Step 3: Done!

Well done.

Now you have your own ring box with pillow, and a pincushion (or just a nice box) afterwards.

Make it for yourself or give it to a friend. My tiny bridesmaids loved the box and want one for themselves, I hope your project will be the same succes as mine was.

Let me know if you make one :)

Love Sanne

Ps: You can see the difference wood treatment makes, in the picture with the pincushion. This picture was taken before I sewed on the ribbons and before the box was ready. I used a second non treated box instead.

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