Introduction: Handwriting to Calligraphy

Turning your handwriting into calligraphy-style letters is a lot easier than it looks!

This tutorial can be used in:

  • classrooms, to spice up handwriting- or art lessons
  • (bullet)journaling
  • card making
  • scrapbooking
  • sketchnoting
  • envelope adressing
  • and more


  • Any kind of pen/pencil/crayon/chalk that is nice to write with
  • Something to write on (paper, glass, chalkboard, wood, etc)

Some materials can be found in this folder:

Step 1: Emphasize the Downstrokes

Every time your pen goes down, add extra thickness with your pen.

That's it :)

Well ok, it might take some practice to get it really nice, but it isn't hard!

Every line going down get's to be a little wider. You can do this after you wrote a word, or (when using very thick downstrokes) during your writing.

If you give your letters a little bit more space, adding downstrokes is a little easier.

Step 2: If You Want More

  • Drawing your letters (instead of writing them and adding width afterwards) can be something to try next. This is not necessary though!
  • Try this technique on different surfaces, like a chalkboard, a glass (add the names of guests with a chalk marker), wood, plates/mugs (use ceramic paint)
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