Introduction: Flower Girl - Watercolor Painting Process

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Today I will show you how I painted my latest portrait in watercolor.

Please watch the video to see full painting process: Video Process

Step 1: Base

I started wet on wet for painting the base tones of the skin.

I used pale pink and a couple of red tones in this step.

Step 2: Layering

After paint dried, I layered again pink brown and red to add shadows and depth.

I also painted lips using red tones.

Step 3: Eyes

I painted eyes wet on dry using brown tones and black for details. I left few empty area in the eye to create light reflections.

Step 4: Hair + Eyebrows

I painted first layer of hair wet on dry.

Once paint dried, I added details with brush strokes using a darker brown.

Step 5: Flowers + Shirt

I painted flowers very quickly, I used a flat wash for leaves and I added few details with brush strokes.

I painted roses with a bright pink, once paint dried I added shadows with a dark fuchsia.

To make the shirt almost white, I painted the shirt wet on wet using very diluited orange and pink watercolors.

Step 6: Details

Once painting dried completely, I added details with white gel pen and pigment fineliners.

Step 7: End

This is the final result.

Thank you for reading this instructable!


Bye !