Introduction: Flowery Fairy Room Decor

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Hi I am Vishnu,

In this instructables I will show you how to make a flowery fairy for decorating your room. This is a perfect gift for moving on o the making section.

materials required

  • coloured cards / papers
  • scissors
  • glue
  • flex quick
  • white ink correction pen

Step 1: Making Flower Type 1

take a long rectangular piece make small closer cuts as per the 5th figure .make a small solid cylinder. turn the later around the small cylinder glue it and open to make this flower

Step 2: Flower Type 2 Rose

cut out a circle and then cut spiral out of it from the thin end rotate it till the center of the it and the flower is completed

Step 3: Making Flower Type 3

Cut out four squares from card fold it to make a triangle fold it again . now cut the edge of this small triangle to make the petal as of your wish. Open this single piece and remove one petal from it .similarly make one more and remove two petals from it . glue the edges. then glue each of this into another to make the flower

Step 4: Making Butterflies

fold the paper as per the figures so that finally you will get a + and x sign on the square. then follow the figure for proceeding further.

Step 5: Make the Fairy

Cut a skirt from black chart glue the flowers to the skirt.Then make a fairy's upper body draw the features using a correction pen. Glue this body to the skirt.

Step 6: Final Product

Glue the butter flies and paste the fairy to the chart. Add border to make it nice.

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