Introduction: Foam Skyrim Daedric Sword

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This is a one day project to make a badass looking sword from:



hot glue

and a craft knife.

Step 1: Starting Off.

so i started off by downloading a template from and tracing the template onto a sheet of foam.

what i did was trace 2 single handles then the sword in it's entirety. what this did was enable me to show a level between the handle and sword blade. i did this with the top too, it becomes more obvious in the upcoming photos.

i then cut the foam out with a craft knife.

Step 2: Hot Glue.

now i've used hot glue before (and managed to get it over my hands which REALLY hurts)

i took the main sword and hot glued the seperate pieces on in their corresponding positions, it took maybe 15 minutes or so to stick everything on.

Talking of glue, when i cut the foam pieces out with a craft knife, i slipped and cut off one of the handle parts, the gloss black enamel i used was sticky enough to hold it in place, and it's still stuck by that paint.

Step 3: Painting

so i layed my sword on the table and began spreading the black paint over it's corresponding areas, can you see what had to be higher now?

i covered those areas in black and left it for ten minutes in the scorching sun over here in blighty. once baked dry on the sword, i flipped it over and did it again. then left it to tan. then i began adding fine red details to the sword, all along the edges were bright red, indicating an enchantment effect, mine being the Daedric Sword Of Major Damage.

i then went and covered the blade in silver paint which takes 5 and a half minutes to dry in 32.5 degrees C, which is 100 something degrees in fahrenheit.

in the last two pictures, you can see some finer details.

and there you have it, a daedric sword.

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