Follow Up to Donmatito's IEQ Station

Introduction: Follow Up to Donmatito's IEQ Station

As part of an Environmetal Chemistry course my pupils and I developed a series of sensors to track Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ).

Here is the poster for the first of our prototypes that was shown of (VOC sensor). It is very basic as the student electronics background was zero. Finally the project never took hold. I quess IEQ is the elephant in the room nobody sees.

Some excerpt from the poster attached as pdf.

"According to the EU, WHO and EPA, indoor air quality (IAQ) is in the top 10 list of “most urgent environmental risks to public health”. Nowadays we spend most of our time indoors(65% to 90%), at home, school or work, accentuates this risk. Some experts believe that most of the health issues we experience are from the effects of poor indoor air quality rather than outdoor pollution."

"The final goal is to have a multifunctional sensor that measures indoor comfort by sensing indoor pollution levels (gas emissions, temperature, humidity, noise) and outputs them to your device of choice. You will be able to obtain pollution data at all times."

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! IEQ is indeed an important topic.

    VOC sensors in particular are lately getting a lot attention as a basis for controlling demand driven ventilation systems, combining good air quality with minimum energy use or heat loss.