Introduction: Forging My 2013 Knife Dog's Neo-Tribal KITH Knife Entry...

About: Retired techie that took up bladesmithing to keep busy.

These photos show some of the steps in the process of creating my 2013 entry for the Knife Dogs Neo-Tribal "Knife In The Hat" submission. This knife was created from a farriers  rasp. Fire from my forge gave it life. My hammer formed it's sharp. The finger guard was hammered in the French "Brute De Forge" style. the blade shape was inspired by the work of Mastersmith Jason Knight. The handle is made of spauled cherry with brass hardware and leather wraped frontier style bolster.

The knife is triple quenched and triple heat treated to an approximate hardness of 60. I handcrafted the leather sheath using Herman Oak leather, deer skin fringe, feathers and wooden beads.

Total project took about 25 hours. The knife has been sent out to have my my makers mark engraved on it.

Thank you for checking my first project out.