Introduction: Fork Bracelet

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Saw few Instructables here and decided to create one for my wife.

Step 1: Tools & Materials


- Old fork

- Piece of wood

- Pipe

- Table salt

- Vinegar


- Vise

- Hammer

- Pliers

Step 2: Decisions

I took paper clip to decide what shape i want, and also it is much easier to bend...

i practiced on anther fork...

Step 3: Bending

first step of the bending part is to give the fork the shape of the bracelet, to do so clamp the fork with the vise, then put the wood on it so the hammer wont damage the fork texture, repeat this for every 2 cm of the fork until the shape is satisfactory.

second part, here is to shape the fork fingers using pliers (try not to damage the steel... i haven't done a perfect job there).

*sorry i forgot to take pictures i hope this was detailed enough, if not i would love answering questions.

Step 4: Polish

Use table salt and vinegar to clean the fork... make it shiny.

Step 5: Done

What do you think?

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