Introduction: Framed Mini Weaving

This mini-framed weaving is the perfect project to bust your scrap stash and use all those yarn bits you've been saving from your knitting. This project takes an hour tops and is great for a crafting/ movie night!

Step 1: What You'll Need

  • Yarn or fabric scraps
  • Thick cotton thread
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard weaving loom
  • Small frame or shadowbox
  • Craft Glue

Step 2: Set Up Your Loom

Wrap the thick cotton cord around the notches or pegs of your loom to create the warp threads of your weaving. These are the vertical threads you'll be weaving over and under to create the layers and patterns of your weaving.

Step 3: Weave in Scraps of Fabric and Yarn

Using your fingers or a large yarn needle, alternate passing the yarn or fabric over and under the vertical threads until you reach the other side of the loom. Alternate the pattern coming from the other direction so that last row woven is locked in place. Push rows down for a tighter weave.

Step 4: Finishing Your Weaving

When you've completed all of your rows cut the warp threads and tie knots at the same level along the bottom of the weaving. Take care to not over-tighten when tying your knots!

Step 5: Frame

Attach your weaving to the back of the frame's glass with a piece of double stick tape or craft glue before framing and hanging in your gallery!

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