Introduction: Watercolor Seed Packets

Summer is over. The sun is setting earlier, and we officially have lost our patio to untimely construction on our rental home. As most of our garden lies wilting in the storage room I made one last effort to harvest the dried flowers and extract the seeds for next spring. Storing them in a plastic baggie seemed unceremonious, so I broke out my new envelope stencils from Flying Tiger and made these gorgeous watercolor seed packets!

Envelope Stencils


Watercolor Palette

Glue Stick or Double Stick Tape

Medium and Small Paintbrushes



1/2" Masking Tape


Step 1: Trace Envelope Stencils

Step 2: Make Label

Tape off a small section with masking tape on the bottom center of the envelopes. Paint over it freely -- the paper will stay bright white underneath for clear labeling when finished.

Step 3: Illustrate Seed Packet

Paint flowers, leaves and abstract patterns within the traced boundary of the envelope. Rough out flower and leaf shapes with a medium paintbrush. Add fine details and dimension with a small paintbrush.

Step 4: Remove Tape

Remove masking tape to reveal the perfect space for labeling your seeds. Be sure to pencil the variety of seeds before sorting them into envelopes -- lots of flower and vegetable seeds look similar.

Step 5: Fold Seed Packet

Cut out envelope and crease along fold lines creating crisp edges. Seal overlapping edges with a glue stick or double stick tape.

Step 6: Store Seeds in Packets

Seal your packets with washi tape and store in a dry place while waiting for planting season.

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