Introduction: Matisse's Paper Cuts Halloween Costume

Henri Matisse was the original cutting and decoupage master-- honor him this halloween with a wearable canvas inspired by his iconic jewel colored paper cut-outs. This makes a perfect last minute costume for procrastinators--especially if you have a white T-shirt dress on hand!

Step 1:

The supplies for this costume ran under five dollars! Here's how I did it:

Step 2: What You'll Need

• Pink Felt, Red Felt, Blue Felt, Green Felt, Yellow Felt & Orange Felt

• White T-shirt Dress (or plain T, onesie etc. )

• Fabric Scissors

• Cardstock

• Fast Dry Tacky Glue

• Sharpie

Step 3: Make Stencils

Research the classic Matisse shapes and sketch out free form stencils on sheets of card stock.

Step 4: Cut Out Felt Shapes

Cut out stencils from card stock and use as pattern pieces to trace and cut out felt shapes. You might find it's faster to trace the shapes in sharpie before cutting out more intricate pieces.

Tip: Use your felt scraps to make a coordinating headband or clip to style your hair!

Step 5: Glue and Wear

Iron your T-Shirt well before arranging felt shapes and securing in place with fast-dry tacky glue.

Line the inside of the dress with scrap paper before glueing to avoid glue seeping through both layers of fabric.

Share your own budget costume ideas in the comments below!

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