Introduction: Free Wood Paint Art

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This is a cool project to make with re claimed/ recycled wood. I glued my pieces of wood together but if you have a big enough piece of wood you could use that. I had a long piece of 7 inch wide pine wood that I cut into even length pieces. I used glue and clamps to connect the pieces of wood together. Deciding what you want to paint on it is up to you. I went with the rasta flag you could paint it an American Flag, a beach, the sun, stars,and other countries flag. I used spray paint to paint my project. I hand painted mine the lines aren't perfectly straight but that how I wanted it. After you paint it hang it on the wall. This is a pretty easy projects to make and only need a few tools.

Make Sure To Always Have Painters Tape Around

Step 1: Tools and Supplies





sand paper

finishing sander

spray paint

Step 2: Cut and Glue Wood

Since I used scrap wood I needed to cut my wood to a length were they are all the same length. I used a tape measure and a circular saw to cut these. Make sure they are all the same length. Once they are all the same length you can then glue them together. I used wood glue and clamps to glue them together. I put glue all the way along the edges of the wood. Once you have the glue laid take your clamps and clamp the pieces of wood together. Make sure when clamping the wood the pieces of wood are all flush together. Also make sure that all ends line up together. Some glue will seep up where the wood was glued. wipe this off with paper towel. After the glue has dried you can start sanding the wood. Sand the wood so that the edges are flat and have a good sand on the surface. This will help the paint stick and give your project an over all better look. If you find it necessary add a couple of support pieces to the back. The glue was enough to hold mine together.

Step 3: Paint Wood

Once your glue has dried and your done sanding it's time to start painting. I used spray paint to paint this. I added two coats of paint of each color. If you want the line to be perfectly straight you could use painter tape so that there straight. I over lapped the colors the red and the green will cover over the yellow. Make sure to paint the edges also. Keep the can upright and level so that the spray comes outs evenly. This could also be painted with a brush and paint I happen to have to spray paint so that what I used. You could also make a stencil of an image and paint that onto the art. Let your paint dry and hang it on the wall.