Introduction: French Military Pack Improvement

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Hi guys,
I'm proud and happy to show you my new instructable.

Since 2 or 3 years, I have a French military pack that I have bought in a military surplus in Caen, Normandy, France. It’s a very sturdy bag, I really like it but it’s inconvenient to carry and I want to carry it on my shoulder. So, I've decided to improve it !

Step 1: ​Supplies

  • A French military pack. As I said before, I bought it for 10 € in a military surplus but you can find it on the internet.
  • Leather pieces from a couch color chart, recovered from a furniture store
  • Strong linen yarn avaible on amazon, mall, or haberdashery shop
  • Paracord
  • Needle
  • Thimble

Step 2: Bag Pack Preparing

I decided to improve this bag because it’s not easy to carry on shoulder. To upgrade it in handy shoulder bag, I have to cut the existing strap at the handle level, as shown on the photo. I’ve cut the hook on the other side of the strap and I’ve keep it to use it as a clasp.

I prepare the different pieces of leather. The leather I’ve used is thin enough to be cut with scissors

Step 3: Sewing

For better resistance, I’ve place pieces of leather inside the bag.
Sewing leather is a bit difficult, but using thimble makes it easier. I sew the cut end of the strap on the top of the bag. I sew a drilled part of leather on the bottom of the bag to attach the paracord.

Step 4: Paracord

I tied paracord on the metal buckle of the strap and on the drilled part of leather, and it’s over !

My Englishisn’t perfect but I'm doing my best ;)

Thank you very much for reading, I hope I gave you some ideas!

If you liked this intructable and if you have any question or tips please leave a comment and don’t forget to vote for it :P !

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